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Water & Wastewater Engineering het hom bewys as 'n maatskappy wat die ekstra tree loop vir sy kliente.
Dean Wasserman (Direkteur Ingenieursdienste)
Die professionele wyse waarop u so 'n projek hanteer het word opreg waardeer.
JJ Hoffman (Weskus Distriksmunisipaliteit)
Water & Wastewater Engineering (WWE) was appointed to conduct the upgrades to our water treatment works. The applied technology was appropriate and the results are outstanding.
I Theron (Bergrivier Municipality)


Beaufort West Water Reclamation Plant (First Direct Water Reclamation Plant in South Africa)

The town of Beaufort West is situated in the Great Karoo and has experienced severe droughts over the past years. The Town Council identified the need for water management as key to sustaining economic development in the region. The Municipality implemented a short, medium and long term water management plan. The short term plan included reducing water losses, installing prepaid water meters, reducing the pressure in the system, developing ground water resources and implementing water restrictions.

The medium term plan included a new direct water reclamation plant. Direct water reclamation involves taking treated final effluent and further treating it to the SANS 241: Class 1 potable standard. Public tenders were called for and the project was awarded to Water & Wastewater Engineering as a 20 year Public Private Partnership. Water & Wastewater Engineering was responsible for the Design and Construction of the plant and is currently operating the reclamation plant under the 20 year concession agreement. The process train for treatment is membrane technology with comprehensive pre-treatment. The Plant was commissioned on 15 January 2011 and is providing water of excellent quality.

Initially the town folk met this “new-water” with scepticism, but has subsequently accepted their water and they are proud to have the first direct water reclamation plant in South Africa and only the second in the world.

Citrusdal Wastewater Treatment Works

Citrusdal is situated along the N7 on the Cape West Coast. The existing wastewater treatment works uses outdated technology and has reached its design capacity. Water & Wastewater Engineering got appointed to facilitate the complete process of establishing a new wastewater treatment works outside of town. The first stage of the process involved the EIA as well as the site selection. Through a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment the site was selected and the Environmental Authorisation (ROD) was issued. Currently the 4 kilometre rising main to the new site has been completed and the next phase of the project entails the construction of the new wastewater treatment works.

Maseru Wastewater Project

This project involves the provision of a new wastewater treatment works with an ultimate design capacity of 21 Ml/day, 250 kilometres of sewerage reticulation and the provision of VIP toilets for the greater Maseru area. The total value of the project amounts to R 286 656 660-00 and is funded by the European Investment Bank, the European Union and the Government of Lesotho. Water & Wastewater Engineering got appointed as Technical Assistant to the project team. The construction is nearing completion and the project will be completed in December 2011.

Graafwater Water Treatment Works

The existing Graafwater water treatment works experienced severe problems with Iron and Manganese removal. Water & Wastewater Engineering got the appointment to upgrade the works and resolve the Iron and Manganese problem. The appointment entailed the process design, civil design, mechanical design, electrical design, project management and site supervision. The process design used at Graafwater is old technology that fell along the wayside. The iron and manganese is aerated and given the chance to oxidise in a balancing tank. There after the pH is adjusted and the oxidised Iron and Manganese is filtered out. With this simple process the chemical dosing cost got reduced by 75% and the water complied with the SANS 241: Class 0 standard.

Piketberg Water & Wastewater Treatment Works

Water & Wastewater Engineering got the appointment for the upgrades of both the Piketberg Water and Wastewater Treatments Works. Both projects are in their third phase and will be completed by June 2012.

Gammams Wastewater Treatment Works (Namibia)

This appointment entailed a report on the dewatering and composting of the waste sludge at the Gammams wastewater treatment works. The site inspection was followed by a detailed report with proposals and cost estimates. The recommendations consisted of three solutions:

Minimum Solution:
R 19 187 697-89
Scenario 1:
R 32 163 522-36
Scenario 2:
R 21 988 091-64

Effluent Reuse for Cape Winelands District Municipality

This investigation looked at the following Municipalities and the different wastewater treatment works that they operate:

  • Stellenbosch
  • Drakenstein
  • Witzenberg
  • Breede Valley
  • Winelands

The report provided information concerning the current effluent quality, current effluent practices, potential opportunities for effluent re-use, infrastructure required, cost estimates and priorities of identified reuse opportunities.

All Saints Wastewater Treatment Works

This project is currently underway and comprises a new wastewater treatment works for the All Saints Hospital, at Ngcobo. The old works was inspected and deemed not suitable for upgrading. Water & Wastewater Engineering has completed the Preliminary Design Report and tender documents.

The new works will comprise a new inlet works, new reactor, new settling tank, disinfection, new sludge ponds and associated site works.

Withoogte Wastewater Treatment Works

Water & Wastewater Engineering completed the upgrading of the wastewater treatment works at Withoogte for the West Coast District Municipality. The old treatment system was replaced with a diffused aeration system. The system was commissioned in July 2007.

University of Stellenbosch

Pierre Marais (Managing Director of Water & Wastewater Engineering) presented the course on water and wastewater treatment to the final year civil engineering students at the University of Stellenbosch.

In conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch Water & Wastewater Engineering hosted a bi-annual course on water and wastewater treatment, which contributed to the Continued Professional Development points for engineers as prescribed by ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa).